Direct Donation

Dear Elm Street School Families,

Throughout the year, parents have the opportunity to support the school by participating in Parent Advisory Council (PAC) sponsored school events and fundraisers.  In addition to our events and fundraisers, Direct Donation is an alternative way to support our school. 

Families can choose to make a direct donation to the Parent Advisory Council. All donations to the Elm Street School PAC are tax-exempt in accordance with our organization's status as a 501c3 non-profit organization. Companies who provide employees with matching programs for direct donations may also participate in supporting your child’s education.

Funds raised from direct donations and PAC sponsored events are used to improve the physical and learning environment at Elm Street School. For example, the Cultural Arts Program provides fun, educational assemblies based on the curriculum that get children excited to learn and create positive memories involving school and learning that stay with them for a lifetime. Funds are also allocated for the purchase of classroom materials requested by teachers and staff, as well as, technology such as iPads, software subscriptions, and ChromeBooks. This enhances the teaching and learning environment, and all children benefit by having the opportunity to use these materials in their classrooms. Playground updates are also included in our PAC spending plan. 

The best part about donating to the PAC is that you, the member, decide where the funds go by participating in monthly PAC meetings. The Parent Advisory Council is now accepting direct donations.

On behalf of the entire Parent Advisory Council and the Elm Street School community, thank you for considering a direct donation. Your generosity benefits all the students and supports the PAC's and our school's mission to provide the very best possible learning environment for our children during these precious, developmental years. 

Donation checks may be made payable to Elm Street Parent Advisory Council (PAC) and returned to the school labeled PAC c/o Stephanie Lindsay, Treasurer, and if mailed, addressed to 415 Elm Street, Walpole, MA 02081.

Alternatively, direct donations can be sent via:

  • Pay Pal (click the link on this page)
  • Venmo @elm-st-pac     Note: Direct Donation